We commit to develop high quality products to meet or exceed any standard in the world.


1. Create products that are beneficial to consumers.

2. Bring technology into production to get the best product.

3. Create a management system for SME level and become an academic source of drinking water in Thailand.

4. Treat consumer, supplier and employee as if they are a close family member.

5. Support charity and help deaf people to a better living.




              Dew Drop Drinking Water was launched in 1971 by Dr.Vichai Wongchai. After he heard the news that American soldier build a radar camp for the Vietnam war in Khao Kha district , Lampang province Thailand he think of ways to do business with them. Since he obtain knowledge of distilled water from his father ( Mr.Larn Wongchai) he decided to sell safe and clean bottled water to the soldier. Back in the 1971 there were no water standards from the government and bottled water doesn’t need to be approved by the FDA . But to sell good quality drinking water Dr.Vichai Wongchai sent his drinking water to test at the Department of Medical Sciences. After knowing that it is safe and clean he started selling bottled water to the soldier and local residents. Dew Drop start of as a family business and grew into a corporate with the help of Dr.Vichai Wongchai brother (Tanu Wongchai) and sister (Laaow Wongchai). Not long after Dew Drop Drinking was launched Dr.Vichai Wongchai went to study abroad in Memphis , America. During his stay he had a part time job at a drinking water company named Continental water conditioning. When he graduate he used the knowledge he got to improve the company drinking water quality to a high standard.